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Jul 30

The Blog Has Been Moved!!

Hey all you Star Commanders - we have a new(ish) blog up! Move your bookmarks over to:

This is now our dev blog - so enjoy it!

May 28


May 09

We Need a Contract Writer!

Star Command needs a writer!

Are you a wordsmith? Does your mastery of the wordly arts exceed that of Asimov? Then we want you!

We are gearing up for some a lot of new content and we need a writer to improve the crappy prose that we compose. If you have what it takes, write a 400 word write-up (NO MORE!) of the following:

The Vocar Purification

The Vocar have been detected moving into Midorian space and are destroying ships at random. They have made no formal declaration of war and their intentions remain a mystery. All communications between the Vocar and Star Command have been severed. It is up to your crew to get to the bottom of this mystery.

We would like to see your treatment of this scenario. What does that mean? You show us! It should probably include the following

• Brief premise of what the scenario will introduce and what the player will have to do to solve the problem.

• Mission ideas (these can be short write-ups). We will be looking for sensitivity to the confines of the game engine. “There is a huge armada sized battle going on around the player” is probably outside of the scope of our current game. That said, we would like to see original ideas and things that push the envelope and challenge us. We definitely get tunnel vision working on our own game.

• Dialog examples. With this we need to see two things. First, that you understand our balance of “humor” and world building. The game isn’t too serious but there is a nice balance. The second is sensitivity to player patience. No one likes to read diatribes - lets get to the point!

• World building. Show us that this expands our universe, plants seeds for cool stuff and makes the product better overall.

Write-ups are due no later than SATURDAY, MAY 11th, 8:00pm EST.

E-mail all 400 word submissions to:

YES THIS IS PAID. We believe in paying artists. If possible, please submit typical contract rates.

Star Command 1.01 Submitted

Star Command 1.01 Submitted Last Night!

Bug Fixes Include:
• Added beginner difficulty level
• Engineering lagging devices fixed
• Unlock larger ships and heavy difficulty
• Tips for Minigames
• Added missing countdown for a few random “yellow” missions
• Grol split period reduced, but increases 2x with every split
• Allow touch larger area to grab token
• Ammo button now disabled if no more tokens allowed
• Assign buttons disabled if room is full
• Weapon UI improvements
• 3 additional tokens (15 total) given on new game
• Max crew increased to match number of rooms
• Various other UX tweaks
• Other various bugs and adjustments to make the game more fun! 

We will tell you as soon as it clears!

Apr 29


Apr 23

The Vocar are coming…

The Vocar are coming…

Apr 22

The Grol are coming…

The Grol are coming…

Apr 19

The Midorians are coming…

The Midorians are coming…

Apr 18

The Avarians are coming…

The Avarians are coming…

Apr 17

The Trilax are coming…

The Trilax are coming…